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Meet Castle Branch Social | Social Media Management for Small Businesses

How it started

Hey, my name is Laura Gonzalez, owner of Castle Branch Social. It all started in 2012, I was fresh out of high school and attending community college. I had this idea that I wanted to own a business one day. I started a blog about all things style and beauty. It didn’t go well. I would be excited to start, post regularly for a few weeks and then nothing. I fell victim to my negative self-talk, concerned people would judge me for my writing and ideas. Even though my blogging career was a failure, this is where I learned about the blogging industry and social media marketing. A pivotal moment I wouldn’t realize until much later.

After transferring to Fresno State I decided to major in Media, Communications and Journalism with an emphasis in PR. I had dreams of working for a lifestyle PR agency. By 2018 I had graduated and accepted a full-time position (not in PR). Then 2021 rolls around, and I lose my job. What the hell? I had done what I was supposed to do and yet here I was. As devastating as this moment was, I had to keep going. You can only cry for so long until it’s not productive or healing. I decided to put my energy and say yes to what I truly wanted to do with my time.

Who is Castle Branch Social?

I’m glad you asked! We are a social media management agency helping small businesses grow their Instagram. We create authentic content rooted in their business goals and regularly engaging with their community. Now offering three different packages all focused on growing your Instagram as well as a couple a la carte services like, conducting a social media audit and brand photography concept design.


  • Facebook Advertising

  • Influencer Management

  • Pinterest Management

Why Castle Branch Social?

Hiring Castle Branch Social means you have someone on your side. Working with a social media manager who values you as a business owner and who shines a bright and consistent light on your brand is critical. We want to know why you started, what drives you and where you want to take your business. Why? People aren’t motivated to buy a product, they buy the feeling that product brings to their life.

Are you a small business looking to hand over your social media? Click here to connect with us!

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